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Backup Recovery Solution

Systems fail, it's a fact and there is nothing you can do to avoid that but you can protect your data.

We have been told that our solution is "fresh" and no one does it better, but, we just got better! Now you can add active-state archiving that allows you to access past versions of your desktops and servers as if you went back in time and sat down at your computer and logged in. Now that's fresh!

Backup and Recover

It sounds simple enough, copy your files somewhere safe and get them when you need them.

There are literally hundreds of companies that try yet fail to do it right. There are so many variables and the list of known problems with existing products and services is staggering. The reality is that copying a file to a safe location is not good enough. What if the file being copied was changed today, not deleted, and you need to recover that file before the change was made but it was already copied to the safe location, overwriting the copy you need?

Remote Access

The more data you have, the longer it takes to restore, until now! We offer the option to add real-time replication with active-state archives.

The differnce between Uptime On Backup Recovery Solution and other backup products and services is the ability to Remote Access to your desktop or server anytime and from anywhere...even if your desktop or server is offline, crashed or stolen! What if you have more data to recover than you do of hard drive space to recover to? What if you don't have time to wait for files to be restored to your computer? Cut down recovery time to zero (0:00) by adding the Uptime On Remote Access option to any of your desktops or servers.

Uptime Backups

Backup your data and store it for as long as you need it (archiving options available! (e.g. PIT Restore)), where you need it, and get it when you need it.

Where do you want your off-site backup to be stored? Tell us! 1-800-PC-Uptime (728-7846)

We will store your data to any or as many of the following locations as your specifications demand (See Uptime Managed Systems below) and we support your choice of Cloud Hosting Providers including Google Cloud, Azure, Amazon, and more.

Uptime Managed Systems

Hosted, Secure, Fully Managed Recovery Systems


North America: Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, North Carolina, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose/Sunnyvale, Seattle and Toronto

South America: Rio de Janeiro and Mexico

Europe: Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid and Stockholm

Asia: Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore

Australia: Sydney